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Young People in Rural Wales REPORT TO FOLLOW SHORTLY

The demographic profile of rural Wales, compared to the rest of Wales is older, shows a trend towards an ageing population, and of particular significance, has an under-representation of young people aged 15-30 years. Much of the reason for this demographic imbalance has been attributed to the growing trend amongst young people at the start of their working lives to leave their rural home communities in search of wider education, employment and social opportunities elsewhere in Wales and further afield. Recent studies show that this process is being driven by a number of factors, including limited local opportunities for further and higher education, poor quality of jobs, low wages, inadequate provision of public transport and difficulties experienced by young people in finding somewhere affordable to live. The subsequent loss of young educated talent from rural areas, coupled with the net in-migration of older people to rural areas, have prompted widespread concerns over the future economic, cultural and social sustainability of rural communities in Wales.  This research will aim to gain a better understanding of the migration choices of young people in rural Wales by focussing specifically on the perceptions of young people living in different parts of rural Wales, the key decision-making processes that precede out-migration, and the key factors influencing young people’s decisions to either stay in the place they grew up or to leave.